Watch photographer Jonas Bendiksen’s stunning slow-motion film of fans celebrating Brazil’s win in the opening game of the World Cup:

Video by Jonas Bendiksen/Coverage by Magnum Photos for ESPN with the support of Save the Dream and Instituto Moreira Salles.

Aperture’s own…


Dieter Rams, Braun table lighter, 1968. Photo: Koichi Okuwaki design-is-fine:

Dieter Rams, Braun table lighter, 1968. Photo: Koichi Okuwaki


Dieter Rams, Braun table lighter, 1968. Photo: Koichi Okuwaki

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The incredible artwork from DKNG’s solo show, “ICON,” is now online and available for purchase! Take a look:


Joshua Rothman talks to the man responsible for designing the messages that we might send to extraterrestrials:

Illustration by Dadu Shin.


My name is Rafael and I´m from Brazil.

I work as a photographer and graphic designer. In my professional work I use digital cameras, but for my personal photos I use medium format cameras, develop my own negatives and do Salt Prints of my photos. I like to shoot places that I visit in my country and overseas.

Currently I´m working on a project with a friend that mixes historical process photography with figure drawing ( I also have a flickr with my digital photos (

I hope you like it.


Rafael Lobo


My name is Stephanie. I am a lover of color from the island of Puerto Rico. I mainly do portraits and fashion photography but recently I started documenting different places in the island with my 35 mm camera. I love shooting at weird locations using natural light and making fashion more accessible.

You can find me at:


Don Jon | 2013 | dir. Joseph Gordon-Levitt


I’m Ian Ference, a full time working art photographer (imagine that!) who focuses on shooting modern ruins - abandoned buildings constructed in the modern ago - and, recently, on shooting artistic nudes in these same buildings.  I’ve been working on the former project for over a decade, and the latter for a couple of years.

I shoot with a variety of gear - for digital, a Canon 5D mk3.  For film, a variety of 35mm cameras (especially some of the old Minolta MD-mount manual focus cameras) and my beloved Rolleiflex Xenotar f/2.8.

I am thankful to be at a point in my career where I can do this full-time; my work has been featured in the Brooklyn Museum, in a solo exhibition, and in countless publications both domestic and internationally.  I run a well-known (though infrequently updated) photoblog called The Kingston Lounge, and am currently working on my first monograph, on an abandoned asylum in Buffalo, NY.